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Life hacks for the busy entrepreneur by Sam Johnstone, Virtutal Assistant and one of the WIN Founders

It’s great being self-employed, you set your own schedule, work the hours you choose, you have the perfect work-life balance and you only work with those you want to work with.  Well, that’s the vision we all had when we started out but it’s not always the reality.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and how we use that time determines our outcome. With so many distractions today, it can be really difficult to manage your time effectively. Being an entrepreneur might mean you don’t have anyone telling you what to do and when to do it but staying motivated can sometimes be a real challenge with potentially disastrous consequences.

There are some simple business/life hacks that can help you stay on track:

Plan the week ahead and make yourself accountable.  Sounds simple and totally common sense and it is, but are you doing it systematically every week?

Set aside an hour either on Friday night or Sunday night (or both) and sit down with your diary/planner and plan. Be realistic and take into account things like meal breaks, travel time, thinking time etc. Make this a weekly task, have it ingrained in your mind, don’t go to bed until it’s done. Take control of your week.

Block your day.  We all have a limited attention span, we are only human. Sitting at your computer for hours on end is not only unhealthy but can lead to you being demotivated and lack in energy,

Try blocking out your day in 55-minute sessions and take a 5-minute break from your task. Set an alarm to remind you to stop.

Eat the Frog.  Do the tasks you like least first. These can often be the ones that really do need doing but get left to the end and then missed off because you failed to plan your day.

Review your plan with an honest eye. Have you really listed all the things you need to do each week to drive your business forward? Have you been honest with yourself about the time each task will take? Have you missed off any jobs because you don’t like doing them? Will what you have planned keep the boat afloat?

Look at what you can delegate. As the business grows you can find you are doing more and more just to keep afloat, leaving you no time to grow and take the business forward. Should you really be doing all those tasks that you were doing when you first launched your business?

Food for thought. Take a look at all the tasks you noted down that need doing each week. They need doing, you know that, but do they really all need to be done by YOU? hat would happen to your time and your business if you outsourced some of these tasks?

Ellen Badat